• RS Breakers & Controls commits to keeping essential businesses operating, overnight equipment builds and discounting all inventory

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    April 10, 2020
    COVID-19 has created challenges for our healthcare system that have never been experienced with our modern infrastructure. Companies are rallying together to ensure the health, safety and productivity of our province’s essential workers as we navigate these new waters.
    Hospitals setting up emergency screening facilities for the COVID-19 virus require a tremendous amount of power, which can overwhelm their older equipment and power distribution centers. RS Breakers & Controls has helped multiple facilities in Ontario get their screening facilities up and running by quickly providing like for like swaps for obsolete molded case circuit breakers and MCC buckets.
    RS Breakers & Controls has expressed an unwavering commitment to helping during this pandemic. If there is a need to get power up and running, or if parts are required to sustain the energy needed for essential businesses, RS Breakers & Controls is armed with emergency solutions. 
    Like many others in our industry that are coming together for the greater good, RS Breakers & Controls is discounting prices on inventoried items for healthcare facilities, essential businesses, apartment dwellings or simply anyone in need. In these times, there is no reason why a facility should go without. 
    Infrastructure in hospitals, as well as in apartment dwellings, is something that should not be overlooked. As many Ontarians remain home in lockdown, and as our healthcare facilities begin to see in-patient rates skyrocket, there is a toll the electrical foundations will take. These increases in occupancy will put high stress and greater demand on infrastructure systems than ever seen before.
    With endless solutions to solve the new challenges the world is facing, RS Breakers & Controls is committed to doing their part to keep everyone safe. 
    How can RS Breakers & Controls help OEL members? 
    • Parts swaps (like for like) for emergencies with included test reports. This will limit employee exposure, lower required work and ensure parts are reliable, extending the life of system operations.
    • Discounts on all in-stock inventory.
    • Massive supply of the right parts that require little to no modifications, allowing electricians to be armed with emergency solutions.
    • Providing products to ANSI & CSA standards (certification will be supplied for each product that requires this).
    • Complete inspection/test of reconditioned products that are required, whether they are supplied by RS or not. 
    We are all in this together. Working collaboratively will not only get the job done faster, but collectively we can ensure key stakeholders have the power to maintain their infrastructure and keep our communities safe. RS Breakers & Controls is just one example of the many companies putting the needs of the people first, as we work together to get through these unprecedented times.

    For more information on RS Breakers & Controls, visit https://www.rsbreakers.com/.