• Mission and History

  • Our Mission Our Mission

  • To Promote, Strengthen and Represent the Electrical Industry in Ontario

  • Our History Our History

  • The OEL celebrates 95 years in 2017!

    The Ontario Electrical League (OEL) was started in 1922, when a meeting was held to promote the formation of an Electric Home League. 

    This effort resulted in the Electric Service League of Ontario, and was incorporated under The Ontario Companies Act by Letters Patent. 

    In April 1966, the Electric Service League of Ontario and the Electric Heating Association of Ontario amalgamated as one corporation under the name "The Ontario Electrical League," also known as the OEL.  

    The rest is "history" - please see below. Members, click here for a history of OEL's Government Relations Efforts. 

  • 2015

    • Quinte chapter is added to the OEL membership
    • Louie Violo becomes the Chair of ESA’s ECRA committee
    • Walter Pamic becomes the Conservative candidate for Kanata-Carleton
    • OEL creates three postcard to educate the public on industry issues


    • OEL adds staff to the provincial office
      • Marketing Communications and Chapter Support, and
      • Members Services Representative
    • North Bay and Sudbury chapters are added to the OEL membership


    • Our Contractor Government Relations Committee invest in support of by-election candidates favouring abolishment of the Ontario College of Trades
    • OEL prepares a media release expressing disappointment with College of Trades Review Panel decision on ratios. 
    • GTA Construction Report, Ontario Electrical League represents some union contractors though majority are non-union (Habibur Rahman) October 8, 2013
    • OEL members produced approximately 285 submissions representing 98.4 per cent of all submissions to the OCOT Review Panel in favour of 1:1 apprenticeship ratios
    • OEL continues to participate with a coalition representing 31 organizations to oppose the newly created Ontario College of Trades
    • New Online member benefits include the Work Share Portal for OEL members to share manpower and/or equipment, plus an Industry Career Centre to post or seek jobs


    • Our newest Chapter, the Tri County Chapter for Brant, Oxford and Haldimant-North areas held their first meeting in Brantford, December 2012
    • OEL agrees to a strategic alliance with Pactum Resource, a Group Purchasing Organization with a new program, OEL Plus to increase buying power for our members
    • OEL joins a coalition of construction associations formed to call for changes to the establishment of the Ontario College of Trades and to Stop the Trades Tax
    • Electrical Business, Ontario Electrical League condemns potential $16-million annual licence tax grab (Anthony Capkun) May 30, 2012
    • The Contractor Government Relations Committee continued their push to have the apprenticeship ratios changed to a simple 1:1 ratio for journeymen to apprentice


    • Established the Richard Cullis Leadership Award of Distinction in memory of Richard’s significant contribution to the League, the industry and our members and who passed away in September 2010
    • OEL participated in our first ever Targeted Riding Campaign which was a great success particularly in 3 of the 6 targeted ridings, a candidate that supported our views was elected in 3 of the 6 targeted ridings; public awareness of the journey person to apprentice ratio issue was hugely increased and the ratio issue was tabled by the Ontario PC party at the leadership debate
    • Ontario Electrical League becomes a sponsor of a summer outreach program for youth put on through a partnership between the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute and the City of Toronto providing young people with exposure to apprenticeships, trades and safety training
    • Daily Commercial News, Ontario Electrical League pushes to change apprenticeship ratios(Kelly Lapointe) September 27, 2011


    • In 2010 the Merit OpenShop Contractors Association partnered with OEL to offer the Merit Benefit Plans to  OEL members
    • Also in 2010 Constitution revisions recommended by the Constitution Review Committee, a sub-committee of the Contractor Committee, were approved at the Annual General Meeting and now provide greater representation of Contractors, with  51% of board membership
    • Electrical Business, OEL seeks resignation of Pat Dillon of Ontario College of Trades over comments (Anthony Capkun) November 3, 2016


    • We held our first training session at the new OEL Training Facility thanks to our partnership with the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute and launched YASC-OEL (Youth Apprenticeship Standards Council -Ontario Electrical League) employee link service


    • OEL met Ministry of Government and Consumer Services staff regarding the change to ECRA structure and in 2009 OEL’s President presented a challenge to Bill 183 - the proposed College of Trades to members of the Standing Committee on Justice Policy at the Ontario Legislature


    • After waiting over 40 years for a single uniform contractor licensing system, OEL Contractors were able to apply for their first Provincial License
    • OEL contractors wrote to the Minister of Labour challenging the move to allow air conditioning mechanics to perform work normally done by certified and trained electricians


    • In 2006 the Government Relations Committee began a major lobby campaign to encourage change to Apprenticeship ratios


    • Our Government Relations and Contractor Committees challenged the undemocratic Bill 144 which permits card-based certification for construction industry and allows a union to be automatically installed without a vote if it gets 55 per cent of employees to sign union cards


    • On November 30th, 2004 our work to establish one system of licensing reached fruition, as Bill 70 received royal assent enabling the establishment of a uniform system of province-wide contractor licensing

    2002 - 2003

    • OEL’s Board of Directors began to move the League forward as a “Contractor” focussed organization. In 2003 we introduced “Find a Contractor” to our website and during the same year, ESA’s Contractor Advisory Council was established in response to OEL’s request for a forum to raise contractor concerns and issues


    • OEL, ECAO and ESA established a new industry-working group to renew efforts for one system of licensing


    • Launched website (www.oel.org)
    • Established an Electrical Industry Scholarship with Electro-Federation Foundation
    • Introduced expanded contractor insurance program including 'errors and omissions'
    • Launched 'Corporate' Contractor membership category to better address contractor needs and wants
    • Board launched a new fee schedule and membership policy
    • Board completed interim Strategic Planning Document, focus: To Grow and Prosper



    • Hosted the first Ontario Utility Forum
    • The Board of Directors rewrote the Constitution to ensure all industry segments are represented on the Board


    • The League’s designated contractors proposed an Electrical Contractors Licensing Board of Ontario to provide a provincial license to replace the current structure.


    • Established Ontario Electrical Awareness month


    • The League’s designated contractors, on advice of the Contractors Committee, worked with ECAO and Inspection to promote one system of licensing in the province


    • Creation of Ontario Electrical Awareness Month
    • Hosted the first Ontario Utility Forum
    • Launched the Electrical Apprenticeship Scholarship Program in memory of Bob Dyer, a long-time Board member, past Chair (1995) and former Metro West Chapter member
    • Gaining exclusive marketing rights for the Power of Electricity program for Grade 6 students developed by London Hydro and OEL, introduced the program to our corporate utility members across the province
    • Our first website was launched
    • A ‘Corporate’ Contractor Membership category was introduced to better address contractor needs and wants
    • Introduced Member Liability/Business insurance program


    • The organization’s staff became totally in the employ of OEL to complete our status as an independent electrical association. Previously OEL was financially and otherwise supported by O.M.E.A and Ontario Hydro.
    • OEL held the first ever Great Canadian Electric Car Rally
    • Introduced a Contractor Vehicle Award
    • Led the movement to lower the electrical apprentice to journeyperson ratio


    • Launched the first issue of Dialogue as a 1 page double-sided news update 


    • Established a member Group Health insurance offering


    • OEL introduced the Heat Loss Consultant Program
    • Held its first Electrical Student Information Conference

    1967 - 1969

    • The first annual business Meeting was held in 1967, dissolving the Interim Board of Directors and electing a new Board
    • In 1969 the circle logo was created as our corporate symbol


    • On April 1, 1966 the Electric Service League of Ontario and The Electric Heating Association of Ontario amalgamated as one Corporation under the name “The Ontario Electrical League” by Letters Patent dated June 20, 1966, under the Corporations Act (Ontario)


    • Leadership Training Conference begins for Chapter Executives



    • On August 20, 1959, the Electric Heating Association of Ontario, was incorporated under The Corporations Act, 1953 (Ontario) by Letters Patent


    • Hosted the first Annual Electrical Industry Conference
    • Launched technical training courses



    • On January 3, 1922, the first meeting was held to promote the formation of an Electric Home League, and on January 11, 1922 the Electric Service League of Ontario was incorporated under The Ontario Companies Act by Letters Patent.