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What is the Ontario Mechanical League?

The Ontario Mechanical League (OML) is a member-based, employer organization that represents the interest of mechanical contractors in Ontario’s construction Industry. 

Similar to its sister organization, the Ontario Electrical League (OEL), it strives to promote, strengthen and represent its members by providing benefits to help mechanical contractors prosper and enhance industry cooperation to elevate the strength of the mechanical contracting industry.

Through active member participation, such as attending local OEL Chapter meetings, OML members get a chance to network with like-minded owner-operators and gain relevant market information that impacts their business and the future of their trade.

Member benefits of the OML range from vehicle and gas discounts to legal services. To see a full list of our benefits, please see below. 

To learn more about becoming an OML member, contact Cathy Frederickson at 905-238-1382, or via email at

Why be part of the Ontario Mechanical League?

If you are a mechanical contractor and work in plumbing, heating, sheet metal, ventilation, refrigeration or insulation, you know that your trade faces numerous challenges.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to have their issues addressed by government and industry regulators (i.e. government regulators, site inspectors, Ontario College of Trades certification, industry code changes, etc.).

By joining the OML, you can help build the voice for mechanical contractors in Ontario.

Join today and get connected

The OML is being actively promoted by the OEL and its 95 years of supporting the electrical contracting industry in Ontario. Being part of the OML provides you with access to market intelligence, trade expos, networking, and the chance to give back to your trade and industry.

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