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Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Brad Fraser was on the path to becoming a mechanical engineer when life events lead him to follow his grandfather’s footsteps in the electrical business in 1971. “My mother was ill, so I stayed home to take care of her,” reminisces Fraser, about how he got started. “My grandfather invited me to work for him during that time and eventually convinced me to sign up in the electrical trade, so I did.”

In 1971, Fraser was licensed and co-managing his grandfather’s electrical business, and in 1981, he started putting together the details for his own business. With a friend’s encouragement, Fraser moved to Brantford in 1987, and Southwestern Electric Ltd. was born.

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OGCA Needs Your Support on TPSVCs

A few months ago, OGCA began a petition to be presented to the Hon. Kevin Flynn, Minister of Labour, concerning Third Party Safety Verification Companies (TPSVCs).

Support from Generals, trades and the local construction associations, has been good, but we need more.

We urge you to encourage your firms, employees, association members and fellow industry partners to go to this link and add your name to support the petition. We will be presenting the petition to the Minister at a meeting in October 7, 2015.

Support your industry! Together we can put an end to this unfair and wasteful “tax” on our industry. 

Help Improve Electrical Worker Safety

Participate and You Could Win a $250 Home Depot Gift Card!

What is happening?
The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is trying to better understand influences on electricians’ safety behaviour, and is looking for volunteers.

How to get involved:
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demographic survey. 

Why participate?
Improve the safety of Ontario‘s electricians - your friends and coworkers. 

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OEL members honour colleague, and friend, in heartwarming tribute

Ed Spoelstra worked as a lineman technician for Peterborough Utilities for almost 20 years.

On August 20, he passed away at the age of 69. During his funeral services on August 25, 2015, his collegues paid a memorable tribute to the man they knew as "Big Ed" by lining up their trucks as part of the funeral procession. 

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This half-day training course focuses on the following topics:

  • Enhance personal safety
  • Eliminate of mitigate electrical hazards and reduce risk
  • Create safe work practices and procedures
  • Learn how to apply CSA Z462 and the tools to reduce Electrical Shock and arc flash
  • How to use ESA’s e-WorkSAFE Contractor Safety Tool
  • Provide a clear understanding of Electrical Specific PPE, Tools and Equipment
  • Gain respect for electricity in the workplace and at home
  • Job hazard analysis

For more information on this training session, click here

If your chapter is interested in hosting a Z462-15 training session, please contact Cathy Frederickson.